HIIT/Metcon (Foundations)

Foundations is a 60-minute calorie burning class that is great for beginners and will still push the experienced CrossFit crowd.

With a combination of HIIT, Metabolic Conditioning (metcon), Core and Functional Training, you will increase muscle and burn calories in a fun fast-paced workout.

Every Thursday night at 5:30 pm, led by a coach in the typical group class setting, Foundation classes will vary each week. It will include multiple cardio activities (running, rowing, biking, skipping, step-ups, burpees) and body weight or lightweight movements (push-ups, air squats. sit-ups, kettlebells, ring rows, med balls and dumbbells).
There will be none of the advanced CrossFit movements such as muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, chest to bars, rope climbs or Olympic lifting.

Geared for:

Someone new to CrossFit
Someone looking to ease back into a gym
Someone wanting to work on their cardiovascular system, body awareness and athleticism
Someone just looking to sweat it out and leave it all in the gym
Whether you are a seasoned CrossFit athlete looking to build your engine or have never been inside a CrossFit gym, this class is for you!

You do NOT need to attend the “Discovery” program to take Foundations classes.

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