MetCon Workout

Join us for a fun workout!

The Metcon/HIIT classes use lower skill, lightweight exercises so that no prior experience is necessary to participate and enjoy a fun, challenging workout!

The purpose of this class is to introduce interested athletes to our facility, our community, and the CrossFit methodology. It also prepares them and their “toolbox” to be ready to be released into our ongoing group classes.

These classes are open to members, non-members, experienced, non-experienced CrossFit athletes. Depending on your fitness level it can also be ‘just sweaty’ or ‘super tough’. We’ll guide you through regardless. The workouts are definitely approachable and relatively non-technical, but most importantly, fun!

It’s a great opportunity to finally bring that person you’ve been annoying with your CrossFit lingo and show them what CrossFit Basinview has to offer.
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